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The Washington Park Wednesday Concert Series is just around the corner and we are currently securing vendors for the upcoming season. 


This year, our concert series IN THE PARK runs from Wednesday, July 10th through August 28th at the bandshell in Washington Park on Milwaukee’s West Side from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. We are looking forward to a great season! 


















There is a flat-fee of $50 per event for selling vendors and $20/per event for non-selling community organizations. These fees are non-refundable.

*Vendor fees directly pay for programming at Washington Park Wednesdays. However, the Washington Park Neighbors do not want to be exclusionary to non-profit organizations that may have a hardship need in meeting the vendor fees. The Washington Park Neighbors Board will consider hardship appeals from non-profit vendors on a case-by-case basis.


**IMPORTANT DUE DATE - All contracts must be submitted and payments made by July 1st.



Credit Card: Fill out the online form below and submit your payment via credit card.


Checks: Please make checks payable to Washington Park Neighbors, Inc. and mail to Washington Park Neighbors, Inc., PO Box 80193, Milwaukee, WI 53208

These events are strategically planned and carefully curated to provide the best patron experience for our events. The vendors are secured to add to that experience. Once the schedule is approved and your contract is signed and submitted, you are secured as a vendor for Washington Park Wednesdays. We expect you to uphold your scheduled dates. If an emergency arises, please contact us as soon as possible so we can reschedule a vendor to fill your spot. We request 7 days notice for any cancellations. If we don’t receive proper notice, fees may be charged. If attendance becomes an issue, we may request you do not return to the park for future events. 



In addition to your non-refundable vendor fee, an extra $25 fee will be charged for canceling without proper notice (7 days prior to the scheduled event). 



In addition to your non-refundable vendor fee, a $40 fee will be charged for not showing up at the event.


All vendors at the park must have valid vending licensing, permits, serve safe certification, and/or proper insurance policies (as applies to your business). Vendors must send a proof of proper documentation to: prior to July 10th, or your vending spot will be revoked.


Washington Park is huge, and how your vehicle enters, and parks is important to Milwaukee County and the  safety of our guests. Please follow the directions below for parking and then entering the grounds for your  vending area. Each night has a designated Director who is there to help you navigate through the park. They  will show you where to set up, upon entering the parking lot to the west of the bandshell. If you find that your  space does not suit your vehicle or booth, please let the director know rather than hunting for another space.  They will help you with your move.


Please enter from 45th & W. Lloyd St between 3:00 and 4:15pm. We ask that all vendors please arrive  before 4:30pm at the absolute latest, as we will be opening the park to patrons beginning at 5pm (earlier this year). We reserve the right to refuse admitting any vendors who arrive  after due to safety concerns in the park. 


This year, WPW will have parking passes for vehicles that are going to be “on the hill.” Over the last several years we have had various issues with too many vehicles being left on the hill and they have asked us to bring this measure back to provide everyone an easy way to identify vendor vehicles. Please check-in with one of the volunteers who will be located near the bandshell when you enter into the park with your vehicle/truck.  



Vendors will proceed through the parking lot, behind the bandshell and then up the east side of the  performance area to stage their truck, tent, table, or other type of booth. We are doing this for the  safety of pedestrians in the park and to maintain the flow of traffic when loading out following the evening’s events. 


Food and beverage vendors are located along the rear walkway of the seating bowl area. When  parking and unloading during set up, we ask that you unload quickly and move any extra vehicles you may need as soon as possible. The Milwaukee County Parks have asked us to limit the excessive number of vehicles on the grass again this year. 

The Milwaukee County Parks have requested for us to again note that only one (1) vehicle is to  be allowed on the hill for our vendors. (This can include a car and attached trailer if this is how your “truck” is transported). 


Vehicles will travel from behind the bandshell, up the east-side sidewalk, and then around the top of the hill. Food and beverage vendors will set-up at the top of the hill, while businesses, non-profits, etc. can be placed at either side of the seating bowl.


Once you have unloaded, please move your car down into the parking lot. If the lot is full, you may  have to park in a further away lot near the Urban Ecology Center, or along Washington Blvd.  


If possible, plug into a nearby outlet to avoid generator use. If you must use a generator, please try to  be considerate of the crowd when it makes noise. If you have a piece of plywood that can cover it up and direct the noise back up the hill towards the boulevard, that would be best.


Disposal of garbage must go into the proper receptacle. Disposal of cooking oil must be taken off site. Washington Park Wednesdays STRONGLY encourages all vendors to remove their own trash-waste  from the site at the end of the night.  



It is IMPERATIVE that vendors remain stationary in the park until at least 8:30pm. The park is large,  but also dimly lit during performances, which makes pedestrian safety a concern.  


**These vendor rules have been put in place for the safety of our patrons at Washington Park  Wednesday, as well as our volunteers, performers, and other vendors. If vendors do not adhere to  these rules, Washington Park Neighbors reserve the right to revoke vendors from attending further  Washington Park Wednesdays concert events. 


  1. Fill out Vendor Contract Form Below 

  2. Send Necessary Permits/Licensing, Business Logo/Marketing Materials to:

  3. Pay the appropriate vendor fees before July 1st, 2024 either by check or online.

  4. Please view the Milwaukee Parks Vendor Application for rules as they relate to being a vendor in the Milwaukee County Parks. You do not need to fill out a separate application for Mke Parks. 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you this summer! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Molly Howard at:

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Washington Park Wednesdays

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Success! Thank you for your contract and payment. We're happy to have you part of our community!

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Washington Park Wednesdays

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Success! Thank you for submitting your contract. We are happy to have you part of our community!

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